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Sears Ashmore: A Catalog Testimonial House in Cleveland, Ohio

james j humpal testimonial ashmore cleveland ohio
3064 Corydon Road, Cleveland, Ohio • Sears Ashmore • 1920
Testimonial house of James J. Humpal
In the 1924 Sears Modern Homes catalog, there is a testimonial by James J. Humpal, reporting back to Sears to let them know how much he loves his newly-built Ashmore. Here it is:

The testimonial, as it appeared in the 1924 catalog.
Using, and Google maps street view, I was able to find James J. Humpal, and then his house, pretty quickly.  According to a check on Trulia, I found that he had built his house in 1920.

Do you see the big white house to the right of the Humpals' Ashmore? That big house is still there today! Here it is in a current Google Maps Street view shot:
sears ashmore
There's that big white four-square house, right next door! The same one that you see in the testimonial photo.
According to the 1921 City Directory for Cleveland, James J. Humpal was a carpenter, who lived here in the Ashmore on Corydon Road, with his wife, Stella.
1921 city directory for Cleveland, Ohio
According to the price in the 1920 catalog, they would have paid over $4,500, just for the kit, not counting labor, and extras, such as the heating system, electrical wiring, and bathroom fixtures.  It looks like WWI took its toll on the housing market: only two years earlier, in 1918, the Ashmore was offered -- not Ready Cut, however -- for a full two thousand dollars less, and then, two years after the Humpals built their Ashmore, it was available, in 1922, as an "Already Cut" and fitted kit, for just over $3,600 -- almost a thousand dollars less than they paid in 1920.

The Ashmore in the 1920 catalog.
The Ashmore two years earlier, in the 1918 catalog--
Not Ready Cut.
The Ashmore two years later, in the 1922 catalog.
The Ashmore is an impressive bungalow, and the catalog images always like to show off its very interesting side view:

1920 Catalog image of the Sears Ashmore
(click to enlarge)
I love the look of this house, and wish that the Humpal Ashmore didn't have a house to the left of it, so that we could get a good look at it, but... no... there's a tree in the way. The testimonial photo gives us a nice look, though:
Testimonial photo of James J. Humpal's Ashmore
The same Ashmore, as it looks today.
Everyone who blogs about the beautiful Sears Ashmore, always includes the great interior drawings shown in the catalog--why should I be different, eh?

sears ashmore rooms
Sears Ashmore interiors, as shown in one of the early catalogs.
And, the floor plan, while we're at it:
Sears Ashmore floor plan, from my 1924 catalog.
Do You Know Of An Ashmore?
We have a number of Ashmores on our National Database of Sears Homes, but I've read that there is one in north west Pennsylvania, and one in New Berlin, Illinois.  I'd love to know where! Feel free to leave me a comment if you know of the location of these two Ashmores, or any others.

Here's an authenticated beauty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
9760 East Road, Pttsburgh, Pennsylvania • 1916 Sears Ashmore
In the mean time, if you're interested in seeing more Ashmores, try:

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  1. I love the Ashmore! Nice that we have three here in Ohio. Doesn't matter which part of our state you live in, you can have the opportunity to see one for real. That being said, I really need to get to Columbus to get photos of the one that has been located there. :)

  2. There are also Ashmores in Abliene, TX, Fargo, ND, and Norfolk, VA.


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